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Welcome to the world of Frances Robin, where faith meets action, and hope transforms lives. Frances is a visionary and founder of the Virginia Women and Family Support Center, Carried To Full Term Maternal Health Program, and Awakening The Warriors. Her mission is to empower women, provide housing, and heal trauma through holistic support and community building. I create safe spaces to help women tap into the power of words through storytelling, explore their passions, and to rediscover forgotten dreams.  I offer a variety of workshops and conferences, and small group discussions.


Join me in providing holistic, faith-inspired support to empower women and families through housing, healing, and hope! 

Looking for a Safe Space to Connect with Other Women, Learn, Heal and Grow?

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Frances Robin

Norm Disrupter, Safe Space Creator, Releasing Warriors

I exist to create a lasting impact in the lives of women by focusing on empowerment, housing, and healing trauma.


My journey began with personal experiences that shaped my commitment to help woman flourish, thrive, and lead a life of dignity and strength.

Explore Services, Courses and Small Groups

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P.O. Box 238

Gainesville, VA 20155


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